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The Beautiful Picture of the Seven Feasts of Israel

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2009 by mysearchforjesus

seven-feastsbmp Recently I have started really trying to look at the roots of these seven feasts that God ordained, and the picture that God is creating through the feasts is overwhelmingly amazing. Understanding these feasts is such an important part of understanding the New Testament. I was explaining to a friend earlier that only knowing the New Testament (or the bottom half of this picture) is like walking into a movie after it’s already half way through. You can’t understand a movie very well if you’ve only seen the 2nd half of it. And that is how learning about these feasts has been for me, I feel like I have just now seen the 1st half of the movie. Things make so much more sense now. I strongly encourage everyone to research these feasts. The 2nd half of the movie makes so much more sense now.

The amazing realization this look into the feasts had on me was that God is going to fulfill each of these feasts. These aren’t just times of celebration which God has ordained they are actually pointers to what God is going to do in the future. He has already fulfilled the first four feasts and now we are eagerly awaiting for the fulfillment of the next feast, The Feast of Trumpets.

In ancient times, the trumpet was the signal for the field workers to come into the Temple. The high priest actually stood outside the Temple and blew the trumpet so that it could be heard by the surrounding fields. At that very instant, the faithful workers harvesting the fields would stop harvesting and leave immediately for worship services. This is a WOW for me because there will come a time, and in my opinion soon, when our high priest (Jesus) will sound the trumpet and we will stop harvesting and goto worship him (rapture of the church).


Gift from my Savior.

Posted in Revelation on March 19, 2009 by mysearchforjesus

I’ve been inspired to start this blog as a place for me to share my love for Jesus Christ. I want this to be another way I can grow in the love and understanding of God while also possibly helping others to grow. I will try to keep this updated with the latest things going on in my search for Jesus. I hope this reaches whoever it reaches well.


This is a picture I remember coming to my mind during corporate worship in my church cell group. (I’ve tried to recreate it the best I could remember by using Paint, but Paint is a pretty limited program) For me it was an interesting picture that captured the place I was in at the time. At the time I saw this, the story of Jesus was mainly just a story that happened a long time ago. It was a story that I really wanted to believe, but I had very little faith. I had felt the pulling of God for about 5-6 months and I was only 2-3 months into really trying to seek him. For me this was an incredibly frustrating time and I felt I was going no where in my walk to find Jesus. With God’s perfect timing, I had this vision of what was going on with me spiritually.

I believe this picture was placed in my mind to show me that God was hearing me. I had lived my whole life lost in lies and so I had a lifetime worth of lies covering the truth and life that Jesus had to offer. God was showing me that he had his eye on my life, and that he cared about me even though I had lived a seemingly worthless life up until that point. My lifetime full of lies was finally being realized and God was starting the process in me of shedding those lies.

This was a little more than a year ago now, and I can just now truly appreciate the visual I had. I have come so far in my walk with Jesus and he has given me a great thirst for more. I hope that I can look at this a year from now and see a tremendous amount of growth in Him. I want my future be filled with increasingly more of Him.